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About Us

Creating Meaningful Impact

Abaco Zero Waste is an operating committee of Resurrect Abaco Association, a registered non-profit organisation in The Bahamas. The goal of Abaco Zero Waste is to develop an integrated waste management plan for Treasure Cay modeled after Hope Town Zero Waste (program overview below) that can used as a model for other islands in The Bahamas. The project aims to be financially sustainable, logistically feasible, and environmentally sound. The first recycling and waste to energy facility in Abaco will be developed to reduce the volume of waste produced in a systematic way that capitalizes on economies of scale to divert materials from the waste stream through new innovative microeconomic opportunities in waste to energy, recycling, and composting technologies. The Abaco Zero Waste project has six primary objectives:


To conduct a Waste Management Assessment for North Abaco to inform the development of the Treasure Cay Zero Waste Management plan and future Zero Waste Management Plans for the communities in the north (Crown Haven, Fox Town, Coopers Town, and Leisure Lee).


To conduct a Waste to Energy Assessment and Energy Usage Analysis for the Zero Waste Facility site operations to inform the development of an Integrated Energy System for the Zero Waste Facility.



To develop and implement a Zero Waste Management Plan for Treasure Cay modeled after Hope Town Zero Waste on Elbow Cay, Abaco.



To develop and implement the first Zero Waste Recycling Facility on Abaco as a teaching institution and microeconomic business incubator for young adults and entrepreneurs to learn how to divert waste into new resources.



To implement the first waste to energy system in Abaco to power the Zero Waste Recycling Facility by turning raw sewage and organics into electricity with a technology tested by Tesla’s Solar City.



To develop and implement an Abaco Zero Waste Educational Program with Friends of the Environment and Hope Town Zero Waste to educate youth and young adults about the impact waste has on the natural environment and teach waste diversion strategies.



To expand the Hope Town Zero Waste program material collection system to include the collection of used cooking oil to recycle into bio fuels and used motor oil to recycle into mechanical lubricating oil at the C & C Waste Transfer site.

Meet Our Team

Stakeholders Roles and Responsibilities

Juliette Deal
Waste Mitigation and Resource Diversion Specialist with a Master’s in Environmental Studies specializing in Integrated Solid Waste Management in Small Island Developing Nations
Juliette has worked in the field of Resource Diversion and Waste Mitigation for 14 years in the Bahamas, US and Caribbean working with businesses and teaching communities about waste reduction and diversion both professionally and personally on her own time. More recently, Juliette was the United Nations Development Program Debris and Waste Management Specialist for Hurricane Dorian’s response in Abaco working with NGO’s and Government agencies to coordinate debris removal. Co-Founder and Director (Volunteer) of Hope Town Zero Waste and Strategic Director of Abaco Zero Waste Abaco Zero Waste Program Development, Implementation and Strategic Direction

Tegwen Hasted
Extensive experience in international institutional finance and philanthropy
Tegwen has held Director level positions in Securities divisions of international banks, private hedge funds and various board positions for 501 C3’s, working extensively with foundations, charitable trusts and family offices. President of Abaco Strong Fundraising initiatives for Abaco Zero Waste Project

Martha Fleury
Extensive experience in the business and non-profit sector in Systems Analysis and Project Management
Founder and President of Abaco Strong, Communications Director of Multiple Non-profit organizations Fifteen Years as Systems Analyst and Color Specialist at Xerox Corp. Executive Director, Abaco Zero Waste Oversight of Implementation of Assessment, Pilot Program, and Education Campaign for Abaco Zero Waste, Annual Fundraising

Ken Hutton
Extensive experience in Business Management
C-Level position in multiple companies.Acquisition/Merger/Turnaround of 17 companies in last 25 years. 2 x President of Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce, 4 x President of Abaco Chamber of Commerce, 8 x Director of Bahamas Chamber of Commerce Co-Founder /President of Abaco Resurrect Assoc./ One Abaco Foundation. Program Oversight and Strategic direction. Fiscal accountability and transparency.

Raquel Thurston
Program Director for Abaco Strong
Operations Manager for Samaritans Purse in aftermath of Hurricane Dorian Extensive Experience in Insurance and Banking Industry Program Director of Integrated Waste Management Pilot Project in Treasure Cay Implementation of Integrated Waste Management System in Treasure Cay and Northern Abaco

Olivia Patterson Maura
Masters in Zoology with focus on Community Conservation and Environmental Education
BSc in Marine Biology

Olivia has worked in conservation and informal education for 16 years, focusing on sustainability and biodiversity conservation, targeting resources that are critical to livelihoods, culture and environmental health in Abaco, Bahamas. Deputy Director, Friends of the Environment Program Management, Administration, Partner, and Messaging Coordination

Lianna Burrows
Bsc Marine Biology (major in Marine Science, minor in Leadership Studies)
Lianna has five years experience in developing and communicating messaging for conservation, science, and sustainability. She has formed strong relationships with schools and communities which will facilitate program implementation. Outreach Coordinator, Friends of the Environment Education Program Development and Implementation

Lyndeisha Curry
BSc in Biology (minor in Chemistry)
Lyndeisha has six years’ experience implementing environmental education programs. She has also been involved in debris and waste management initiatives following Hurricane Dorian and brings that perspective into the programming. Education Officer, Friends of the Environment Education Program Development and Implementation

Clay Wilhoyte
C & C Waste Company
Clay has owned the Waste Management Company on Elbow Cay for over 30 years and been a partner of HTZW for 4 years. Bahamian Glass Beer Bottle and Aluminum Can Recycling Manager Bahamian Glass Beer Bottle and Aluminum Can Recycling Program Management

Caroline Key
Re-round Resident and Environmentalist
Caroline Key is a full-time resident of Hope Town, Abaco and mother of two young children. Avid environmentalist who has recycled with the Hope Town Zero Waste Program since it began, at home and at work. Very passionate about reducing our community waste, encouraging the reuse of items, and being involved in the recycling program. Bahamian Glass Beer Bottle and Aluminum Can Recycling Coordinator Bahamian Glass Beer Bottle and Aluminum Can Recycling Coordination Community and Business Outreach, Education and Partnership Coordination

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